The Other Half of the Sky TOC Announced

Just wanted to give a quick signal boost to The Other Half of the Sky, an SF anthology  being edited by Athena Andreadis:

“Women may hold up more than half the sky on earth, but it has been different in heaven: Science fiction still is very much a preserve of male protagonists, mostly performing by-the-numbers quests.

The Other Half of the Sky offers readers heroes who happen to be women, doing whatever they would do in universes where they’re fully human: Starship captains, planet rulers, explorers, scientists, artists, engineers, craftspeople, pirates, rogues…

As one of the women in Tiptree’s “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?” says: “We sing a lot. Adventure songs, work songs, mothering songs, mood songs, trouble songs, joke songs, love songs – everything.” Everything.

(Quote from this entry here, where Athena talks about the anthology in more detail.)

The contributors include the likes of Aliette de Bodard (who’s short story Immersion is, in my opinion, one of the most important works of SF of the last five years at least), Alex Dally MacFarlane, Cat Rambo and a whole host of other names you’ll recognise.  Athena has posted teasers of each story on her blog, and you can find an interview with her about the collection here, and a companion interview here.

(In other news, yes, it’s been very quiet around here recently.  I’ll just say that it’s a long, long day and we all know foxes are nocturnal.  My less vulpine side has been doing the day-to-day while the fox sleeps.  I think both are looking forwards to swapping roles.)